Dancing Girl’s Buffy Release

I’d like for this post to count as two – it’s Day 5 of Lent and I’m a bit behind on posts. But, no! I’ll just have to double up tomorrow. Which is fine. I totally can. Do it.

On Saturday 2/21/15 Book Show, a newly opened book store in Highland Park, CA served as the venue for Lisa Cheby‘s chapbook, “Love Lessons from Buffy the Vampire Slayer” published through Dancing Girl Press.  It was an Antioch University extravaganza – Seth Fischer handled MC duties, readers Ashley Perez and Tisha Reichle dropped some pretty fantastic prose, and the lady of the hour, Lisa, read from a labor of love that was 5-ish years in the making.

I’m digging readings lately.  For me, they don’t (yet?) have that air of “networking” the way other arts communities/scenes do. It really is just as simple as going to support friends and colleagues, learning about and promoting small businesses, and catching up with people I haven’t seen in a really long time, some I haven’t seen since we graduated almost 5 years ago.

I’d say more, but I’m exhausted. This third post is “late” because I was gonna be all kinds of slick and try to create a slideshow in Premiere, but, I could not figure it out. And I didn’t want to watch a tutorial – I just wanted to read a quick paragraph and just get it. But alas, no. It did not happen that way. So, here it is, a basic iPhoto slideshow. However, I did use Soundbooth to edit the song that plays in the background. Yay. I’m marginally familiar with outdated technology.

And super fat congrats to Lisa Cheby. Completion and release is a huge achievement. And it’s a great collection.

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