Austere 2020

There was one year amongst the past twenty – I don’t remember which – the my mom didn’t make ham and potato salad for Easter. I’ve blocked the specificity of the year – banished it away to an amalgams memory place where details and feelings merge into silver silhouettes rather than vehicles for time travel. Continue reading Austere 2020

Claps & Cheers for Michelle Ma Belle

I have a new post up on the Women Who Submit blog wherein I sing the accolades of my friend Michelle Zamora: puppeteer, artist, pioneer, visionary. We met when she was fresh out of South Texas, an undergrad at Cal State Los Angeles. She kept me laughing the entire time by anthropomorphizing and manipulating a couple of Badtz Maru pillows.  To me, they were just … Continue reading Claps & Cheers for Michelle Ma Belle

Monapily’s Milieu: Sexiest Stankface of the 21st Century

Originally posted on TheRevista Magazine:
by Ramona Pilar Gonzales Monday January 28, 2013, the day after the Super Bowl, the Internet was all a-buzz about the new team, highlights (and no lights) of the game, and Ms. Hottest Woman of the Century herself, Beyoncé. Hot Beyoncé, not to be confused with any other name with “Hot” in front of it. Click through to the cool… Continue reading Monapily’s Milieu: Sexiest Stankface of the 21st Century

Repost: Claps & Cheers: The Power of No on Women Who Submit

Another Claps & Cheers column over at Women Who Submit on principled professionalism inspired by the fabulous Roxane Gay and Xochitl-Julisa Bermejo. by Ramona Pilar, Editor Claps & Cheers This past January, writer and cultural critic Roxane Gay made the decision to pull her upcoming book How to be Heard from publishing with TED Books, an imprint of Simon & Schuster. The reason: not wanting … Continue reading Repost: Claps & Cheers: The Power of No on Women Who Submit

Beyoncé, La Chona, and *eye roll* Selena

I’m not a Texana. By any means. I’m pura California pocha por vida.

Omaigah I haaaated Selena when she was popular.

When she was alive.

When I had to deign to work at the $1.50 movie theater adjacent to the trashy-ass swap meet.

When I was in high school.

Her music wasn’t good. At all. AT ALL. All that treble-heavy, keyboard created music with no soul.


Continue reading “Beyoncé, La Chona, and *eye roll* Selena”

Women Who Submit: Claps and Cheers

Header photo by Caden Crawford Women Who Submit is a community of women writers that work towards equity in the publishing industry by sharing resources, experiences, and gathering monthly to collectively submit writing to literary publications, journals, residencies, contests and more. Working towards equity in publishing is not limited to working towards mainstream recognition/employment/feria, but creating opportunities and platforms for women to be published and to become publishers. I’ve been a … Continue reading Women Who Submit: Claps and Cheers

Dragon Gnat Exterminators

The walls in my apartment are dingy, pale dishwater brown. The color and energy of a mostly empty cup of coffee filled with water and left in the sink to soak. For about a week. Gnats haven’t begun to congregate around it just yet, but their microscopic gnat souls and nanoscopic gnat pre-particles are hovering around in Gnat Pre-existence Etherland, slowly gathering together, gravitating towards … Continue reading Dragon Gnat Exterminators

Platinum Lent – 2015

My mom and I have been celebrating Fat Tuesday since I was in grade school. I’ve been observing lent for just as long. We aren’t really Catholic or religion adhering people in general, but we have fashioned an annual tradition out of Fat Tuesday. Mother’s Day, Christmas, Thanksgiving – those holidays are universal, which is perfectly fine. Fat Tuesday is particularly special to me because … Continue reading Platinum Lent – 2015