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Repost: Claps & Cheers: The Power of No on Women Who Submit

Another Claps & Cheers column over at Women Who Submit on principled professionalism inspired by the fabulous Roxane Gay and Xochitl-Julisa Bermejo. by Ramona Pilar, Editor Claps & Cheers This past January, writer and cultural critic Roxane Gay made the... Continue Reading →

Beyoncé, La Chona, and *eye roll* Selena

I'm not a Texana. By any means. I'm pura California pocha por vida. Omaigah I haaaated Selena when she was popular. When she was alive. When I had to deign to work at the $1.50 movie theater adjacent to the... Continue Reading →

Women Who Submit: Claps and Cheers

  Women Who Submit is a community of women writers that work towards equity in the publishing industry by sharing resources, experiences, and gathering monthly to collectively submit writing to literary publications, journals, residencies, contests and more. Working towards equity in publishing is not... Continue Reading →

It’s Not About You

The best minds of my generation are females overly focused on dumb shit guys do. Guys who are navigating expectations of masculinity while being called on to review their expectations of women who call themselves girls. It is a tenuous... Continue Reading →

Dancing Girl’s Buffy Release

I'd like for this post to count as two - it's Day 5 of Lent and I'm a bit behind on posts. But, no! I'll just have to double up tomorrow. Which is fine. I totally can. Do it. On Saturday... Continue Reading →

Dragon Gnat Exterminators

The walls in my apartment are dingy, pale dishwater brown. The color and energy of a mostly empty cup of coffee filled with water and left in the sink to soak. For about a week. Gnats haven't begun to congregate... Continue Reading →

Platinum Lent – 2015

My mom and I have been celebrating Fat Tuesday since I was in grade school. I've been observing lent for just as long. We aren't really Catholic or religion adhering people in general, but we have fashioned an annual tradition... Continue Reading →

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